Liviana is a Character from the Path less Chosen RP and the daughter of Kole Foster.

Liviana Ally Mackenzie (Foster)
Liv Foster
Little Mack Foster
Vital statistics
Position Student, Child
Age 6
Status Single, Just a cute kid
Physical attributes
Height Average for her age
Weight Average for her age


Female with blonde hair and green/hazel eyes. She has an average height and weight for a six year old girl. Her hair reaches till past her shoulders and is often in a braid. She has light fair skin and smiles nearly all the time.


She has a bubbly, fun personality nearly all the time. Like everyone else she can have a bad day but usually these days are rare. She loves to read stories with Kole (Daddy) or play ‘pretty dress up.


Her mom was a teenage mom when she had Liviana. She passed away last year and Liviana, also known as Mack came to live with her father at the avengers mansion. She was sent there after her mutation manifested. Her grandparents are mutant haters and wanted nothing to do with her.

Powers and Abilities:Edit

Absolute Intelligence:

The user possesses a limitless level of intellectual and cognitive power that can surpass and progress past anything in existence.

The highest form of Enhanced Intelligence.

With this ability, the user will be able to think, process, compute and retain information on a level unobtainable by most if not all sentient beings. This power differs from omniscience in that the user has virtually limitless IQ and intellectual capability, rather than "given knowledge"; however, user could become omniscient given time and longevity (i.e., you have the ability to learn and master anything and everything in the universe nearly instantly, but do you have the time and means?).

Avengers Program:Edit


  • Happy Micky
  • Curious little Mack
  • Funny Liv
  • Liviana as a 4 year old
  • Mack
  • Curious little Mack
  • Mack's Headshot. Liviana Mackenzie (Foster)
Mackenzie foy 2005 & 2006 & 2007

Mackenzie foy 2005 & 2006 & 2007

Video slides of Mackenzie Foy (Liviana Foster)